History of the House of Baszanger

Portrait of the founder Paul Bassange, mid 18th century

In 1771, Paul Bassange and Charles Boehmer, jewelers to the royal court, opened their business near Place Vendôme in Paris where they prospered from their ever-increasing reputation. Following the resounding “Case of the Necklace”, Bassange and Boehmer were ruined. With the French Revolution and the death of his associate, Paul Bassange left France for Holland where he established himself as a diamond dealer. One of his descendants, Lucien Baszanger (henceforth the name took on the Dutch spelling), diamond dealer and collector of rare stones, was bitten by a scorpion in Ceylon. Following bouts of high fever, his doctor prescribed a water cure in the Arve, near Geneva. There, he met his future wife and decided to set up shop in the city of Calvin.

Drawings made by the genevese atelier Baszanger, around 1930

In 1915, he opened his first boutique on the Rue de la Corraterie and became specialized in fine pearls. Of this marriage, a son was born, André Baszanger, jeweler in his own right and father of Yaël Baszanger, sixth descendant and first lady jeweler of this prestigious lineage. Today, Baszanger continues its history and comes round full circle, this time in the feminine. Yaël Baszanger jeweler and gemologist by training, is associated with Semaja Fulpius, former lifestyle journalist, to relaunch the House of Baszanger as a brand. Yaël Baszanger has conti- nued to create limited-edition jewelry after the close of the family shop in 2005, always wishing to further develop the line. From her side, Semaja Fulpius, foremost admirer in the early days of the fine and elegant style, wished to apply her communication skills to the luxury field. Together, they have dared to dream this dream and to give it life. Their meeting has given rise to an inspired collaboration reflecting the collection and a true and wonderful friendship.