Baszanger under the spotlight at its first photo shoot

Our first photo shoot happened thanks to the complicity of a creative and close-knit team which was able to give to Baszanger a modern image all-the-while marking its eternal elegance.

The first photo shooting campaign was done in Paris under the lens of Philippe Biancotto with the help of the makeup and hair artist Laurent Mole and our friends, art director and casting director G.S. We owe them for having created an identity that perfectly reflects the Baszanger spirit.

The images capture the essence of a free woman, always in action; An accomplished woman who carries her jewelry casually.

The still-life shots refer to games, the aristocratic pleasure that rekindle a very 18th century mood that invoke the very origin of the Baszanger House and on which is intertwined the guardian figure of Marie-Antoinette. A subtle hint back to an era where lightness was queen.