Maison Baszanger

In 1771, Paul Bassange and Charles Boehmer, jewelers to the royal court, opened their business near Place Vendôme in Paris where they prospered from their ever-increasing reputation. Certified artisans with a royal stamp, they worked mainly for the royal court of Versailles and created jewelry for the grand aristocratic French families.

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The True Story of the Book

The Affair of the diamond Necklace

1778 Jewelers to the Crown, Paul Bassange and Charles Boehmer created a prestigious necklace, one of the most extraordinary of all times, comprising 540 diamonds. “The Queens’ Necklace” gave rise to one of the most Romanesque stories of history.

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Who Are We ?


Yaël Baszanger and Semaja Fulpius share the same idea of a soft footprint of luxury. Their universe is an ode to the beauty of the pearl, to its subtleties and its infinite glow.

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