Baszanger Pearl jewelers Yael and Semaja relaunch the historic brand


Yaël, a certified gemologist and Semaja, a fashion journalist, have revived Baszanger - a historical and family brand that goes back to the 18th century.

For a long time, Yaël designed limited edition jewelry, while Semaja wanted to apply her fashion experience to the field. When they met, they naturally decided to unite their skills, sharing the same idea of a soft luxury footprint.

Their encouter has lead to a same purpose : creating beautiful, meaningful jewelry, giving rise to a collection marked by a defined classic allure.

Baszanger jewelry conveys a feeling of tradition and can be passed on and cherished forever.

Baszanger is all about pearls!

Yaël has been diving for more than 25 years in the most preserved places on the planet, while Semaja lived on the Californian coast, and feels deeply connected to the Pacific ocean.

Both care about keeping the seas clean in order to protect a miracle of nature : pearls. These oyster's genuine gifts are unique in size, shape, color and luster, a reflection of the diversity of the world we live in.

Baszanger promotes South Sea pearls that are cultured in a natural and sustainable environment.

The jewelry production is made in a Swiss Atelier in Geneva, where gold and precious stones are responsibly sourced.



In 1771, Paul Bassange and Charles Boehmer, jewelers to the French royal court, open their business Place Vendôme in Paris, where they prosper from their ever increasing reputation.

Following the resounding "Case of the Necklace" (explained here) Bassange and Boehmer are ruined.

Le collier de la Reine Marie Antoinette

After the French Revolution and the death of his associate, Paul Bassange establishes himself as a diamond dealer in Holland.

One of his descendants, Lucien Baszanger (henceforth the name took on the Dutch spelling) diamond dealer and collector of rare stones, falls very sick in Ceylon. His doctor prescribes a water cure in Geneva, Switzerland.
Lucien Bazsanger ouvre la première boutique de joaillerie et de perles à Genève

There, he meets his future wife in 1915 and opens his jewelry store, specializing in fine pearls.

1915 Ancienne boutique Bazsanger bijoux joaillerie perles fines south seas Genève

1915 Ancienne boutique Bazsanger bijoux joaillerie perles fines south seas Genève interieur

1915 Ancienne boutique Bazsanger bijoux joaillerie perles fines south seas Genève interior boutique

Of this marriage a son is born - André Baszanger, jeweler in his own right and father of Yaël Baszanger, sixth descendant and first lady jeweler of this prestigious lineage.

André and his daugther Yaël Baszanger at their store in Geneva

Today Baszanger continues its history, this time in the feminine : Yaël Baszanger and Semaja Fulpius have relaunched the brand in 2016.

Yael Baszanger et Semaja Fulpius historic pearl jewlery Baszanger brand relaunch, revival

 The new corner boutique of Baszanger relaunched in 2016